Don't PUSH but Do this! A Successful Sales Strategy to Help and Win Customers

I work as a sales executive in a furniture mall. One of the things I like about the job is that, you get to meet a lot of people; people from different backgrounds with different attitudes. It's real fun, when you have to spend some time with them.

As a sales executive, my job is to sell. Actually it is to help the customer to get a good deal for his price. Sometimes the client may want something which you may consider not good for him/her. So the path has to be treaded carefully.

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Also, all the people walking in the showroom may not come with the intention of buying.....they may just walk in "to have a look"...and they "like to help themselves". The tricky thing is, people change their mind very often. So you have to be cautious in disregarding or ignoring walk-ins of the above type..........


So one day on a crowded Sunday, I noticed a walk-in with a senior of mine. I was already attending to a walk-in, who had a CONFIRMED intention of not buying....but he wanted to be attended. Well...

After about 15 minutes, I got free and I noticed that, the walk-in to whom my senior was attending was still lingering on the ground floor...I decided to relieve him .When I approached him, he said "We are just having a look."

Well not to be deceived ...I stayed by his side.

He looked at me after some time, and said "Your furniture is priced exorbitantly."

I replied, "I'm not asking you to pay that price".

There was no more conversation for the next 25 minutes or so, I showed him all the 5 floors. He had not mentioned as yet, what he intended to buy. I on my part ...didn't ask.

When we were walking down from 4th floor.... and reached 1st floor, he looked back at me, smiled and said "So."

I said, "So...what shall I pack for you sir?"

He looked at his wife, and said,” She needs a carpet, show me a good one."

"Something else along with the carpet", I quipped," a sofa, or, something else?"

"Well”, he smiled again,” I will buy that sofa, if you sell it to me for Rs.xxxxxx/-"

"Well", I smiled at him,"The price you mentioned is a little too less then the price after discount."

"Well son, if you want to make a sale, that’s my offer, you can say no ...and I will walk out............."He looked at his wife," or, you can say yes...and you can deliver it tomorrow."

"I would not say NO sir .....But I can't say YES as of now, so why don't you drop your number with me, and I can let you know my best offer in comparison to your offer."

He left for the day.

I called him after two days, and asked him if he can revise his offer by some amount.

He did. Still it was way beyond what I could convince my management for the sofa.

I called him again, and asked him if he would he able to revise the offer by some more amount and he did.

Still, this offer also fell short for that sofa.

But the management agreed.

On the last day of the sale, I gave a call to him, and asked him would it be possible for him to make the full payment that day, provided, the management agrees to his offer, he agreed.

In the evening he came, and made the full payment.

I escorted him till the gate. He turned back, shook my hand and said,” Son, this sale was made possible only because of you."

I said, "I think, I was lucky that the management agreed to that price."

He looked at me , and his wife and said," That day we came to your showroom to JUST HAVE A LOOK, it's when you asked would I be interested in something ... I tried to pull your leg,  and I gave you a offer which I thought you would refuse.” He smiled, "But you didn't refuse the offer, instead you asked me would it be possible for me to increase the offer, which was unexpected."

I looked at him.

He continued,” By never saying no, to me ...or to my offer, you pushed me to buy the product, even though I didn't have any interest in buying that."

He smiled, "You pulled me into not trying to push me for buying. Good night."

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