How to apply Color to the Black and White Picture using Photoshop?

Here I’m going to say a little bit about me and some tips about Photoshop. I have very much interest in Adobe Photoshop from the age of 16. I never get bored learning this software and I also love animations besides Photoshop.

Important Tip:

First of all I would like to say if we want to learn Photoshop, we must be patient. This is especially true for the beginners. If we want to edit any image, it is always better to make a copy of the original and work on the copy. This is to avoid any unwanted changes to the original image.

In this article, I am going to explain step by step about how to change a black and white picture to a colored one. Think of a photo of your great grandfather. Don't you think this article will be quite useful to change that picture to a colored one?(kidding, this is just one example).

Select File -> Open (Ctrl+O) to select the image.
Duplicate the image by right clicking as shown in the figure.
Then go to image -> mode -> RGB color. The reason to select RGB is to apply color to gray scale picture.












To view toolbar and layer navigator,go to:   
Window -> select
Layers (F7)

Window -> select

Select the part(Layer) of the image that you want to apply color using Magnetic Lasso tool (short cut key L) 











1. After selecting the image, press Ctrl+Shift+N to view the layer of the selected part or go to Layer window -> Layers and select the sixth option at the bottom.

2. In the layer window -> Layers-> Select option Color.

3. Select Brush tool (B).

4. Select the desired color.

5. Color the layer with brush tool.






Tip: If you want to increase the size of brush tool, press closed square brackets (on your keyboard) after selecting brush tool until the size we need. Press opened square brackets if you want to decrease the brush size.

The below image shows after the color is applied to the face.

Color applied to the face











Similarly select one more layer to apply color:

Select another layer











 Applying color to the selected layer:

Color to the other layers











Tip: To change color to any particular layer, select the layer and press Ctrl+B.

Colors can be applied to other layers in this way. Finally, here are the 'before' and 'after' pictures with Photoshop:

Hurray! we are done!!!


























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