How to Make A Tastier Oatmeal - A Simple Indian style


I used this article as a reference.


I named it Indian style because in India, preparing a food by boiling is more common than by using microwave.


(If you have a microwave and want to prefer that to boiling, well, go ahead. But in my opinion, traditional boiling is still the healthier choice unless you want to cook fast because of your busy schedule).


To start with, here are the requisites:

Oats (obviously!), water, a small vessel for boiling, sugar, honey or dates.

1. Take 100ml – 150ml of water for 5 heap spoons of oats.
2. Boil the water.
3. Add oats to the boiling water.
4. Let the oats stay in boiling water for sometime (30 sec – 1 minute) until it becomes paste.
5. To make the oatmeal tastier, add some (or any) of the following:

  • Honey
  • Dates
  • Sugar(Not recommended for diabetic patients and of course, too much sugar is not recommended for anyone)

That’s it! stir it and enjoy your great morning with oatmeal!

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