How to Set a Background to your Favorite Picture using Photoshop

In this article, I am going to talk about how to add a background to any of your favorite images using Adobe Photoshop.

Now you can be proud to put yourself next to any of your favorite celebrities! Or you can fool a good friend of yours for fun by saying that you went to China when you really didn’t.

1. First make a backup of any image that you open in Photoshop. This is to make sure that we do not spoil the original image by any chance.
Open the two images in Photoshop - the one that we want to set as background and the other one which we want to add background.

















2. Select the image to which we want to add background as shown below. Select the image using Magnetic Lasso tool (L).

















3. After selecting the image, go to Edit -> Copy (Ctrl+C)

















4. Paste the copied image on another image which we have taken to set as background.

















5. After pasting the image, some times the image looks very big or very small. We can adjust it with the help of transform option (Ctrl+T).

















Pressing Alt+Shift, we can adjust the corners so the aspect ratio of image is maintained. After editing with Alt+Shift, you press ‘Enter’ on your keyboard.


Before and After Pics here:










Good luck!

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