The burden of superstitious beliefs

Photo credit: Piez
Photo credit: Piez

 God creates humans; Humans create superstitious beliefs. God's creation is powerful than our creation. This means - believe in ourselves and God, not the unwanted beliefs that eat mind and body.

Normally, people get interested in many superstitious beliefs when they have downfall in their professions, or when the ones whom they love are not in good health. In such circumstances, they are anxious and stressed and eager to solve their problems with quick-fixes and without good efforts.

First of all, the person in such position needs to have good self confidence, belief in God, stability and encouragement.


Many people make money using others' weaknesses. Recently, I heard about the income of two swamijis as 10 lakhs per annum. See, how people are attracted to the 'miracles' performed by them.

Do what our conscience suggests. I think our conscience always suggests what is good for us. It always suggests positive things though they are not always convenient. Because when we do something that is not correct, some inner feeling hunts us. But not many people follow it due to their ego and other beliefs stressed on them.

I noticed that many people follow superstitious beliefs just as an imitation but they really do not have any knowledge of why they are believing such things. May be, they really do not want to believe such things.

There are certain superstitious beliefs that we see from our childhood.

For example: If the person sneezes when he is leaving his home to go out, he is asked to stop and wait for sometime. This is to make sure that the person does not suffer from any cold problem with out medical help on his way.

I think our ancestors gave meaningful and comfortable guidelines to us. But slowly we changed them as beliefs with out thinking or reasoning much about the result of those situations.

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