Wacko Taco - The Best Delicious and Nutritious Recipe! (Try at Your Own Risk!)

In this article, I am going to share a kick-ass recipe, that is going to satisfy your taste buds and will also make your muscles stronger than ever before! You will become so strong that you can start playing with planets and stars.

Well, not actually.

This is my own recipe. So, use caution and try it at your own risk! I've experimented this recently on two of my good friends and they still seem to be surviving. So, my recipe works!!!

I like devouring different kinds of healthy and delicious recipes. But I am also lazy to cook one for myself. When my laziness is on a low key, I try to experiment different kinds of recipes. So, here is the one I tried, and my friends enjoyed it too (actually they said they enjoyed it). Currently the patent is pending ;)

This is an ideal snack that can be eaten any time before 8 PM. Good in fiber, protein, whole
-carbohydrates and low in fat. Helps digestion and keeps you energized for longer time.

Preparation time: 20 minutes
Servings: 3
Calories: 340 calories /Protien: 24g /Carbs 64g /Fiber 26 g (Net carbs: 38g)/Fat 9 g (Saturated
fat 1 g, Trans fat 0 g).
Ideal for: Lazy and health-conscious bachelors, lazy and health-conscious couples, quick-lunch guys.
Ingredients: Beans (Kidney beans) /Tomatoes /Sambar Powder/Garam Masala /Salt /Chilli powder
Equipment: Knife, Pan, Cutting board, Spatula, Can opener

1. Open the can of kidney beans and transfer the contents fully into the pan

© Nuren
















2. Start heating the pan at a medium-high temperature

3. Keep stirring occasionally

4. Cut tomatoes and add them to the beans

5. Add sambar powder, garam masala, salt, chilli powder to achieve the desired taste

6. Stir with spatula occasionally while heating

© Nuren













7. Continue heating for about 15 minutes

8. On the other burner, start heating another pan, put little oil and start heating the low-carb tacos in it


© Nuren
















9. Heat till the tacos become moderately brown in color


© Nuren













How to Serve:
Place the taco on the plate. Spread the bean curry. Add jalapenos for taste. Fold it and eat it. Enjoy!!!

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