Remembering Gandhi and His Two Weapons


Human existence on this earth approximately goes back to six million years and we all know that there happened to be great encounters between man and nature with respect to the existence of human species. We have surmounted many critical stages in the sojourn of civilization. The onward march of human civilization has encountered many risks and challenges at every stage of its development, which made the man more dynamic, adaptive, creative and pragmatic. A great journey of man with his greatest achievements from time to time shows that both genders have played their equal part in the making of humanity. They survived themselves from all odds to make not only their own life beautiful, serene and comfortable, but also for the future generations. Their thinking process of development was not at the cost of destruction unlike the present day scenario. They made tools and hand axes out of hard stones to protect themselves, but not to destroy. Thus even the non-verbal testimony of our remote ancestors indicates that they were committed to preserve, protect and promote humanity and human existence on this earth.

But unfortunately today we are living in a world of agony and insecurity. In terms of materialism, our achievements has been reached to such an extent where the peaceful existence of man is under the threat. On the other side, identity stereotype in the society has made the situation worst. The very much essence of humanity is fading away. Religion which has been played a dynamic role in the making of humanity has now become a double edged sword. We are surrounded by a great mirage.

During the month of December 2009, I got an opportunity to attend the Autumn School on life and thought of Gandhi, at Indian Institute of Advanced Study Shimla. That fifteen days programme was like living with Gandhi, starting journey from Porbandar and exploring Europe and South Africa. Here I realized that in this era of crisis, we need to explore the ideology of Gandhiji, his words and his deeds in a deeper sense. A man dies, but his ideas and his deeds never dies. Gandhiji is still alive in the heart of not only the people of India, but people around the world. We all know that his two weapons of truth and non-violence gave a new dimension to the freedom movement of India. A great philosopher and visionary with strong ideas in his mind, known to the world always in loin cloth and a stick, made powerful “British Empire” to kneel down. Who can live a simpler life than Gandhiji and what could be the stronger weapons than truth and non-violence.

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