30 Reasons Why You Want to Ride a Bicycle



  1. Bicycling is fun. 
  2. Bicycling helps us enjoy and feel the beauty of nature.
  3. Commuting and exercising in one shot.
  4. Bicycling is one of the easiest exercises.
  5. Bicycling helps lower cholesterol and improve heart health.
  6. Bicycle is inexpensive.
  7. Bicycling is perfect where car parking is expensive.
  8. Easier to start. 
  9. There are relatively no issues if the bicycle is left unused for longer periods. All you need is pump some air and get going!
  10. No need to worry about fuel. 
  11. Thus, your bicycle saves you money.
  12. And of course, it is environmentally friendly.
  13. Easier to clean.
  14. Easier to maintain and repair. 
  15. Inexpensive repair costs.
  16. Inexpensive to change (or upgrade) to a different one.
  17. Bicycling is cool.
  18. Be a fitness role model to others.
  19. Be a ‘environment-friendly’ role model to others.
  20. Bicycle represents your attitude of simplicity(true?), better than a car.
  21. Bicycling can help us access places, where it is difficult to access using car.
  22. Fewer traffic rules to obey, and so you can avoid a traffic ticket. 
  23. Compact and easier to transport. 
  24. Lighter weight.
  25. Easier to disassemble or reassemble.
  26. We can make more friends while bicycling.
  27. Bicycling builds up endurance.
  28. Bicycling helps improve body coordination.
  29. Quieter neighborhood.
  30. Your bicycle can carry you, and if you want a change, you can carry your bicycle. You cannot do the same with your car :)


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