The Power of TEAMWORK

Whenever I see ‘Super-man’, ‘Spider-man’ or ‘James Bond’ movies, I get goose-bumps. How thrilling it is to jump around buildings and save innocent people from the evil forces? How joyful it is to stand for a noble cause and go for it no matter what? Is not how life meant to be, to exercise our spiritual gifts and powers for the welfare of our family, friends and society?

I find the below quote from the movie ‘Spider-man 1’ thought-provoking.

"With great power comes great responsibility. This is my gift, my curse. Who am I? I am Spider-man".

As evident from the history of humankind, in order to achieve any great thing, it requires sacrifice. Sometimes it is a sacrifice of time, sometimes it is effort, sometimes it is money, and at other times it is even everything! 

I think there are primarily two ways of doing great things.

- By assuming the leading role yourself. You decide the end goal. You put your mind, soul and strength into it first, and then you also guide others to do it, leading with an example. You are ready to bear the full responsibility for any consequences.

- By inspiring others in little ways around us.  Such as, being happy in the little things we do, and creating a lively environment for the people around us.

Of the above two paths, many people find the second path more convenient. And it is also relatively much easier! Just take care of yourself properly and be the kind of person and a good team player, who can be considered reliable by the leaders.

Let us think about the non-violence fight for independence by Gandhi, as an example. There were many team players who supported the leadership of Gandhi in this fight. That included a widow who was struggling economically to take care of her three kids. Then a fifty-year elderly man who was suffering from severe health issues. Then there were many small business owners who had to take care of their businesses. 

The world would not be proud to take note of such 'little' team-players immediately. Their individual lives and situations were very different from each other. However, they had a common goal. Each of them, though seemingly in little ways, contributed their part towards this common goal faithfully. Collectively, these faithful little efforts from each of them conglomerated into a powerful mass that the British could not withstand anymore.  

Surely, it makes us feel happy to have an individual achievement. But it gives more real joy and peace, when achieving as a team, as relationships are the most important thing in life. 

Next time, when we find a good leader investing his mind, soul and energy for a greater cause, at the least, we must come forward and contribute our 'little' parts towards that cause. The sum of many such little efforts from each of us can make a big difference. We can rewrite the history. It had happened before and can happen again. That is what 'Teamwork' can do. 

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