How to get through SUCCESSFULLY in a negative environment to reach your goals?

It was the year that I just graduated from my engineering college with my Bachelors – with lots of dreams and ambitions. I had a vague idea of how I was going to reach the goals I set for myself.

What were my goals at that time?

  • I wanted to further my career in USA which I promised my mother who passed away about a year before my graduation.
  • I wanted to be able to take care of my father who lost all the money in business and also was ill because of my mother’s expiration.
  • I also wanted to be able to look after my other family members who helped me at various stages in my life either financially or emotionally. So, I wanted to be a reliable person who could be counted upon.

Keeping all these things in perspective, I was not really sure of how to face it. But I knew for sure that anything is possible if one has a burning desire, persistence and faith in God. And remember, the purpose of this article is not to encourage someone to go to USA or discourage others from pursuing their careers in India but as goodwill to help others to follow their dreams and aspirations. These tips give a broad idea of what I will be focusing more in my next articles.

1. Stay away

There were many people who would advise – Why USA? Why not India? I understood one thing. Whenever someone gives a free advice (especially when you are not sure if the advice is of goodwill), ask if he/she had already been in your shoes or done that before. If it proves out to be not, then IGNORE it! Why take advice from someone who did not go through what you were going?

And turn off the idiot box! I dislike those endless loops of family TV drama serials which take you nowhere. Turn it off. Instead use it to watch only programs that are related to your hobbies or helpful to you in a constructive way.

You may say ‘My family is very negative’ or ‘They always turn on the TV and do not listen to me’. That was almost the same with me. (Except my family were not really negative but my father wanted me to try a different career which I was not interested in). So, what to do? Smile and keep going your way but make sure the path that you are going has a good probability of success or else you may put your family in more financial troubles.

2. Being in a team

Spend more time with the people who have goals similar to yours or who experienced the scenarios you are going through. This is a good thing to do but I did not do it. My roommates were interested in a career that was different from mine. Also, I lost touch with most of my friends who were in USA at that time.

3. Give that flipping exercise to your fingers!

Most people think that what is in the books does not portray reality. I wish it were true, so we did not need to stick our head between those pages! May be not all books are good enough but there are some really good books that could shift your paradigm. I am mentioning a few here that you must read.


Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.

The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason.

And you know what? I was not aware of such great books at that time. But I had a BURNING DESIRE of coming to USA that kept me going. Of course, there are plenty of good books that I am devouring these days.

4. Let the mud settle down!

We are all influenced by others either positively or negatively. There is always some energy transfer going on with every interaction we have with others in the outside world. It either pushes us away or pulls us towards the path we desire. Sometimes the words from others are really overwhelming.

  Many researchers would advise spending some quiet time every day where we can rejuvenate our energy from the nature. I used to spend my times in quiet places or alone when I felt overwhelmed.

5. When nothing else works, there is always a way

I mean to say - Take things easy and play it cool. We can only do what is the best from our side. It may happen that sometimes we put 100% effort and yet get nothing. That is sometimes a reality. Here is what Mother Teresa said “God doesn't require us to succeed; he only requires that you try.” 

So, keep trying, my friend. But when you try, put 100% so that there are no regrets.

P.S: About me? Life has been good to me in giving me what I want. It’s been many years since I have been in USA and I am thankful for all that happened to me.


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