My Life of Loving Animals

From my childhood, I have been with all sorts of animals. They used to amaze me with their intelligence and their playful behavior. I loved to watch the ants carrying their food to their burrows; I was astonished by their organizational skills. The only mission in my life was to open an animal rescue center. As I grew up, with the pressure of studies and competition, I paid little attention towards my mission because to do anything one needs money and I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth.

When I came to US I came to know about various cruelties which are done on animal to obtain fur, wool, leather, food etc. which reminded me of my purpose. It was difficult for me to think where to start from. I quit using animal products. I stopped buying animal tested products, fur, wool and leather. I adopted four cats. Some of my friends says, “why only cats? Why not dogs?” Since I am alone living in a small apartment, it would be a cruelty on the dog if I adopt him. Cats are easy to maintain with a busy schedule like mine. Vegetarianism is the only practice which I am unable to continue because being in US, it’s difficult not to eat egg products and milk, but I am working on it too and trying to find out a good veggie protein substitute.

I would like to talk something about vegetarianism in this article.





Is vegetarianism Good or Bad?
Vegetarianism is the practice of a diet that excludes all animal, including poultry, game, fish, shellfish or crustacea, and slaughter by-products. The reasons for choosing vegetarianism may be related to morality, religion, culture, ethics, aesthetics, environment, society, economy, politics, taste, or health (Definition Source: Wikipedia).

Health benefits:

1.    Vegetarian diet doesn’t contain any cholesterol and saturated fat, so you are at no risk of having heart problems. According to FDA, one should eat at least 3-5 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruits everyday.
2.    Lots of viruses and bacteria are transferred from improperly cooked meat to humans. There are thousands of deaths every year due to eating raw meat.
3.    Since animals lie in higher tropic level in the pyramid of energy, they have less energy and high toxicity and can cause ageing. Vegetables are higher in antioxidants and are anti ageing.






Benefits to animals:
1.    The animals in the animal farms are ill-treated and are subjected to various kinds of torture.
2.    Chicken are given steroids to increase their meat and weight and they suffer various kinds of illnesses.
3.    Sometimes the animal is still conscious while its throat is cut open.
4.    The animals are kept in a condition where they don’t have enough space to even move.
5.    They are subjected to various kinds of torture while being transported to slaughter house
6.    The animals which cannot make it to the slaughter house are left to die with no food and water

Some people say that they eat animals to maintain the food chain. According to me, animals are overproduced to meet the demand. If the demand is not more, they won’t be kept in an overcrowded condition, so at least they can live well if not die.

Considering all the good points about vegetarianism, it would be a good practice to reduce the consumption of animal products and to increase plants in diet.


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