An Untold Story, An Unforgettable Incident

From the very beginning in my life, as I remember, I always wanted to do something to help others. Something which will make them happy. It is in giving that you receive. There is a joy, a feeling of wholeness and satisfaction we get when you do a little thing to bring a smile on someone’s face.

When I was studying in St. Xavier’s college (Ahmedabad) doing my Bachelor's, life was filled with friends, fun and excitement. One day, before going to my classes, a friend of mine and I were eating sandwich on the roadside. The guy who was making the sandwich would prepare them from bread and vegetables and throw away the edges of bread in trash. They were really yummy. At least, I thought they were the best in the world. Just then, came one old woman. She was very old with lots of wrinkles on her face, as if they were the number of days she had lived. She was frail and weak, drooping down from the waist. She reached out her hand into that trash, took a few brown edges and went on her way eating it.

I stood still watching this. Tears roll down my cheek. For that moment, I hated myself as I was eating that sandwich and that old lady had to eat those edges from the trash. Today also, that image is right before me. That feeling is still fresh. I thought I would come over it but could never really do it.
Years went by, I got married and I am in USA now as my husband is studying here but I always went back to where I had left. After a lot of years of burden in my heart to help others and praying to God for his divine help, I am thinking that I want to take the first step to do something in my city. I am not sure how and when but I do have a clear picture of how I want to help. And if I do take that step I will surely write about it and let all of you know who are reading this.

But for now, this was one small piece from my life, a fraction of a big picture which God is weaving with his hands;having you and me - every one as a part of it.


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