Being a vegetarian in USA. Making it easier!


I had always been a vegetarian from my childhood though I occasionally used to eat eggs. When I came to US, everyone around me told that if I started eating meat, I would have many options. I became a complete non-vegetarian. Then I came to know about cruelty towards animals which made me very sad. I decided to become a vegetarian again, which was very difficult once you changed your diet preferences.

There are three things which keep a person firm in his/her path: inspiration, determination and love. I got

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inspired by PETA and Jill Robinson (CEO Animals Asia), who invested her whole life for the animals. I am in immense love with animals and God has given me this gift to understand, love and take care of them. The only thing I am lacking is determination for which I am working out since I occasionally eat eggs and fish and drink milk (I mostly survive on soy milk and protein).

Being a health conscious person, I started doing research on vegetarian sources of protein and omega 3. I found that Go-lean and Go-lean crunch are the best among cereals. Instead of white rice, one can have oatmeal as a substitute, which is rich in protein. I found Odwalla nutrition bar has 16 grams of protein and is a good post exercise meal. Cliff’s energy bars are also good since they are better in taste but have less protein content. One can also take whey and protein powder and shakes as supplements instead of milk protein. For omega3, flaxseed, flaxseed oil, walnuts, pecans, peanuts and almonds are good source. There are numerous kinds of quality protein beans like kidney, garbanzo and black beans which have good protein content. FDA also recommends eating good amount of vegetables and fruits every day because they have good vitamins, anti-oxidants and fiber. It appears to me that it is just a matter of your decision – whether you want to be a vegetarian or not and finding a quality vegetarian diet is not difficult.

When I see the faces of innocent animals, I don’t regret being a vegetarian and it gives me more courage to stick to my goal and work for them.


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