How to Save Money on Cell Phone Bills with Employee or Student Discounts?

Every major cell phone carrier offers discount for corporations or groups. Many students can also get discounts using their school e-mails in these programs. While most people know about their company discount, some may not know. Wireless carriers do not advertise these employee or student discounts! This article will show you how you can get up to 25% discount on your cell phone bills. So, get your work or school emails. And visit the links, I have mentioned in this article. And find out what discounts are available for you. You may be pleasantly surprised. I was able to get 14% off with my Cingular (now AT&T) phone service.

Things you will need:
•    Cell Phone Service (AT&T or Cingular, Verizon, T-Mobile, sprint Nextel)
•    Valid work or school email address

•    Go to
•    Provide your school or work email address.
•    Cingular will tell you if you qualify for the discount. It will send you email of confirmation if you qualify.
•    Check you email and follow the procedure.





•    Go to
•    Enter your zip code and submit.
•    Employee discount Program page will be opened. Click on ‘Check for Discounts’.
•    Enter your work email address to check if you qualify for the discount. And follow the procedure.






•    Go to
•    Login to your account and check if you qualify for the discount.
•    You can get up to 15% discount.






•    Go to
•    Submit your work email address and check if you qualify for the discount.
•    Follow the procedure.







I personally got 14% discount on my monthly plan from Cingular which is about $10/month. (I used to pay about $82 for family plan.)









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