Seek To Understand

I used to have a friend. From childhood onwards, we were very close. But our thoughts were different. I have the habit of thinking twice, thrice before doing a task. My friend was quite opposite. She would act upon impulse and then think about it later. But she had the guts to face the problem, which I did not. She used to call me 'timid.'

Once there was a singing competition at Gandhi Bhavan in Hyderabad where we both took part. Actually her father ordered her not to go anywhere since Medicine Entrance Exams were nearing. Without informing at home, she came out and took part in the competition. She got second prize and that was telecasted in TV News (in the event of women’s day celebrations). Her father saw her in news. Instead of praising her for her prize, he was annoyed for not listening to his words and yelled at her. Poor girl! She was really an innocent and naughty girl.

She got married after her exams. Meanwhile she got a habit of going to some traditional bhajans, where she met a person who trapped her and finally she ran away with him.

One day she came to my office saying that she had left this cheat and now staying alone. After that she came many times to my office saying something else to me. She seemed very fickle minded to me. She even tried for me on phone many times but I ignored. At that time, I was not bothered to hear what she says. I started hating her. I was under the impression that she had cheated all. Though I was her close friend, she did not even bother to tell me the truth.

One day, I got a call when I was in my office that she was admitted into a hospital as she attempted suicide. Even at that time, I was least bothered to see her. I was planning to do a good preaching to her for her mistake after she comes home. Many people told me that she wanted to see me.

After about fifteen days (that she was still in the hospital), one day I felt like seeing her and took permission from my boss to go to the hospital. There every one shouted at me for not coming to see her.

When I entered in to her room, I saw tears in her eyes that I couldn’t control myself .That time also she was about to tell me some thing but she could not. She took my hand in her hands and had her last breath.

Till now that agony is with me. I did a blunder. I could have had the patience to listen what she wanted to tell me. What made her to attempt the suicide? Is it not my responsibility to know about her situation? I could have excused her and talked to her. This agony will be with me till I reach the grave. This is a lesson to me.

With this experience I tell you all people - Please excuse people who hurt you, and try to understand "what circumstances made them to hurt you" and remember that forgiveness is the act of almighty.

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