9 Tips to Host Small and Jubilant Parties

When we think of a party, what comes to our mind? OR If you receive an invitation for a party what is your first reaction?

Food….. Dress…… People……Place……..?

I feel it depends upon what kind of party you are hosting or attending.

There are a many types like beach Party, birthday party, anniversary party, luau party, holiday party, homecoming party or just a gathering.


If you are hosting a party, you need to plan because your friends or family are looking forward to a fun, relaxing and enjoyable time with you.


  1. Invite your friends well in advance. A good plan is to see first that your close friends can attend the party. When you think that most of your close friends can make it, then expand your invitations to the next level. Invite your other friends and associates. Make sure you give them enough time to plan to attend your party. Send a follow-up email or reminder about 2-3 days before the party.


  1. Think about the best time of the week for your party. If you are a busy student, you might look at a weekend but if you are a mom, you might just think that a late afternoon suits well too when the kids are awake from the nap. Whatever your agenda is, look for the best suitable time for you and your friends to have quality time. 

  1. Where do you want to host the party? For that you need to keep many things in mind. Are you going to dance? Then you might want a spacious room with lights and sound.  But if you all are going to just chat and laugh then a gazebo of a garden or a metro-park where there is a pniceparty.jpg ond is also fine.
Photo Credit: jespahjoy


  1. Another important thing is the theme of the party. As I mentioned above, what kind of party is it? Is it your birthday? Then you might want a birthday theme. If it is for kids, you might want to make him/her a superman or a princess. But if it is a weekend of the fourth of July, then you might want your decorations to contain red, blue and white colors.


  1. Food, food and food. Yes, you cannot imagine a party without some kind of delicious food. If it is a dinner, you might want to start preparation a night before. You should have an idea about what your friends might like. For example, you do not want to cook all non-vegetarian foods because some of your friends may have religious sentiments for that particular day or some of them might be vegetarians. If you do not have lot of time for your food preparations, think of some delicious but less time-consuming recipes because you do not want to spend all your day cooking and get tired by the party time!


  1. Think of finger foods, chips, salsa, samosa, vadas, or your own ethnic food for a good appetizer.


  1. What ever you do, do not exert yourself so much on the day of the party that where everyone else is enjoying, you are tired and ready to go to bed. I know this very well as I have done this before but now I have learnt the real way to party.


  1. Think about some nice and easy games to play. Check out the picture of a game that my friends planned for my birthday party. 


  1. Music, decorations and outfit counts. These are like an icing on the cake. A good party is made up of good and friendly people but music, decorations and outfit add spice to make the party livelier!


So next time you have a party, do try all these and do not forget to have a lot of fun.

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