4 Steps to True and Enduring Riches


'Think and Grow Rich' is one of my favorite books. Napoleon Hill, the author of this book had interviewed many wealthy men during his time and consolidated his philosophy of how to get rich into this book. Among the people whom he interviewed were Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, George Eastman, Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller and Charles M. Schwab.


According to one of Hill’s popular seminars in 1937, what he considered would constitute true and enduring riches are as following. I found these points when I was looking for Napoleon Hill related information on the Internet and YouTube.


1. A positive mental attitude.

2. Sound physical health.

3. Harmony in human relationships.

4. Freedom from fear.

5. The hope of future achievement.

6. The capacity of applied faith.

7. Willingness to share one's blessings with others.

8. To be engaged in a labor of love.

9. An open mind on all subjects towards people.

10. Complete self discipline.

11. Wisdom with which to understand people.

12. Financial security.


Did you observe that money comes at the end of the list? Did you also observe that almost all of the points are related to taking care of yourself properly and relationships with others?



Consider yourself lucky if:

1. All your family members are healthy

2. You have something to work for to get your monthly salary

3. You have something to add value to the society

4. Have a few close friends with whom you feel free to express anything


I am not saying that money is not important. I think when there is no money, money should definitely be 'a' top priority (if not 'the'). Studies show that one of the top 3 reasons for divorce and family problems is due to financial problems.


What I want to point out here is put your health (emotional, physical, mental and spiritual) and relationships at the top of your priorities. The rest can be achieved relatively easier.


In other words, rich means ‘abundance’ – abundance of quality time for yourself, abundance of quality time for the important people in your life, abundance of quality time for others whom you love and respect, abundance of quality time for the less fortunate people whom you want to help.


Let us do a simple action exercise. Take your notepad and sit in solitude. Spend about 30 minutes and write your four values.

First – related to your worldly things

Second – related to people around you

Third – related to activities you really like doing

Fourth – related to contributing value to others in a meaningful way


Here is a 4 step plan for myself:

1. Make 3000$/month consistently irrespective of economy situation

2. Spend quality time with family and close friends (like small parties, pot-luck dinners)

3. Spend more time on doing the activities that I really like (writing, photography, enjoying nature and outdoor sports)

4. Contribute some value to others in a meaningful way and earning the respect of people whom I respect


When you write something on paper, you will have more clarity about your ideas. When you have more clarity, you will achieve your goals faster. Don’t believe me? Try this, my friend. It works! All successful people have DEFINITE goals. And do not forget that simplicity is a virtue. The simpler you make the things, the easier it is to get them done.

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