6 Simple Tips to Make a Habit of Eating Healthy Foods

So you made a resolution that you should eat healthy food varieties that can help you in maintaining a healthy good-looking physique? But you feel that your motivation about eating healthy foods is not long-lasting? Or you just feel drowsy or dull frequently and you think that happens because of your poor eating habits?

Here are some quick and practical tips for you to keep the habit of eating healthy foods. I follow all these tips.

1. Knowing your motivation
The truth is that if you do not have a good purpose behind your goal, the motivation will not be enduring. Most people have a negative frame of mind.
They say things like:
 ‘I am too busy with my work to focus on food varieties’
‘What’s the point in doing if I don’t continue this habit?’
‘If I become picky and eat healthy foods, what would others think?’
‘I am too lazy to focus on such things’

You must have a definite goal and a purpose to overcome any negativity. If you are not sure about your definite goal or the purpose behind eating healthy food, this habit will not last for a long time (or any other good habit).

Some examples of good purposes:

Photo by *clairity*
Photo by *clairity*

- I want to stay healthy, run and play well with my children
- By being healthy and good looking, I can be an inspiration to others
- I want to live longer and free from diabetes, heart and other diseases
- I want to feel active all day and stay in good spirits

Some examples of definite goals:
- I will decrease eating pizzas, white rice and cheese burgers
- I will cook myself at least 3 days a week
- I will lose 10 pounds in next 3 months
- I will get six pack within six months

Action steps:
- Take a piece of paper and write about 2 good purposes and goals for why you want to try and keep this habit.

Now, you are ready!

2. Move your carts
Before you go for shopping, plan about what you want to buy. It helps you not to forget any important food item. It also saves you lot of your time.

Keep your healthy food choices simple (at least initially) so you do not get burdened with foods that require more time for preparation

Some examples of healthy foods:
- Regular oatmeal instead of instant oatmeal
- Straw berries, Banana instead of potato chips
- Low-fat milk instead of whole milk
- Wheat bread instead of white bread
- Wheat chapattis instead of white rice
- Almonds, Walnuts
- Lean cooked or grilled meat (like chicken breast) instead of fried chicken

I will leave more healthy food choices to you as focusing on this topic itself will cover many pages.

3. Hide and seek
You went to the grocery shop, bought many bags of food. Now what? Hide them carefully under couch so they decently get expired?

- Place them where you will see them regularly so that you do not have to spend your time digging them out.
- If you still have your unfinished junk food items (like potato chips, butter pop-corn, ice-creams), hide them under your healthy foods or throw them away! Slowly decrease your intake of these unhealthy foods and stop buying them less.

4. Switch
You do not have to change all your eating habits on the first day itself. (One of my good friends changed his diet completely in one day and he used up two rolls of toilet paper in one day ;)

This is not to discourage you. Be realistic and switch few at a time according to your schedule. This will also help you stay motivated in the long run.

5. Variety is the spice of life
If you eat the same kinds of food every day and 365 times a year (plus one on that year you know), you will get bored. So, continuously improve your knowledge of healthy and quality foods. Try making little switches every now and then.

6. Intelligent design

Don’t stuff your mouth with whatever you find at hand. Plan at least 2 hours in advance about what to eat for the next meal. For example, you may want to make chapattis at least 30 minutes before you plan to eat. In other words, just make sure that you have a good healthy food available for your next meal. If you think you are very lazy, just follow this step and you are on your way! 

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