16 Little Ways to Brighten your Day-to-Day Life


1. Wake up 10 minutes before your office time.

2. Do not smile at anybody. Wear a macho serious look on your face.

3. Skip your breakfast. Why waste 10 minutes there?

4. Spend 30 minutes chit chatting with your colleagues delaying your important work. After all, if it is not you, who will pamper them?

5. Talk more and listen less. You got the right to express yourself. Talk bad about others. Why care for others? God gifted us a big mouth to express ourselves more and two small ears to listen less.

6. Spend your time chatting on messenger and checking unimportant emails frequently.

7. Stay late in the evening to complete the pending work which can be done in the morning.

8. Skip gym. You can think of exercises once you get retired. Why now itself? Life is meant to be enjoyed fully. Right?

9. Switch on the TV as soon as you come from work. Do not talk to any of your family members. It will be nice to gather a lot of trivia from TV so you have more things to express yourself with your friends tomorrow.

10. Eat tight at 11'o'clock. Try fried foods, white rice or cheese burgers.

11. Do not read any good books.

12. Continue watching TV till late night. If possible, have two beers also.

13. Do not plan anything about the next day.

14. Think about bad things that have happened to you so that you can fill up the self-pity quota for that day.

15. Call all of your friends EVERYDAY to see what they cooked for dinner or if they picked up any girls at the bar last Saturday.

16. Go to bed late in the night...with lots of uncertainties in your head.


Moral of the article: To proactively do something in order to make yourself happier means to proactively stop doing Bright and Happysomething that hampers your progress first.

Put your favorite inspiring music on. (one of my favorite inspiring music is Yanni’s ‘If I could tell you’). Think about the negative activities that are dragging you down in day-to-day life. If you think that any particular activity is not pushing you towards your progress, then it is pulling you away. Once you make the list of all negative things, now it's time to think about how to 'undo' them one by one.


Remember, minus multiplied by minus is positive!


Example of some positive situations for the above: (compare them point by point)

1. Wake up early. If it is difficult, try to wake up at least one hour before your office time. Set a positive mood for the rest of the day.

2. Be thankful to God and to your parents that you are blessed and healthy today. Smile and lighten up others.

3. Have a good breakfast. An example of a good breakfast is oatmeal and low-fat milk.

4. Say Hi to everyone. It is not a good habit to take the office work to home. Office work is meant to be done in office.

5. Think about how you can learn more things in life. If possible, browse some websites that will help you practice your hobbies.

6. Checking out how your friends are doing is good but it’s definitely not a good idea to get too involved and get caught in the office doing instant messaging and chatting.

7. Everybody has the right to have a long day in their work-life once in a while. But if it is happening every day, it's time to think further about how you can improve your productivity at office.

8. Time to hit the gym! 3-5 days of working out in gym will not only boost your energy levels but also decrease your stress levels. Of course, it is healthy.

9. Do you really need the idiot box?

10. Have your dinner before 8PM. If you are hungry late night, try to have a light meal again.

11. Our beliefs and knowledge will affect our day-to-day life’s thinking patterns. Read some good books or engage in creative learning.

12. Go for a walk with your family member.

13. Think about the important activities for the next day. Plan them.

14. Whatever happened has happened. You always have the choice of how to react to the situation. Just because a bad incident happened to you does not mean you should get depressed everyday. Think about what to do next.

15. Keeping in touch with friends is good but there is no need to do it each and everyday. Do you know that you might be disturbing them too?

16. Pray, say thanks for another peaceful day. Do not worry.

Photo Copyright: Nuren

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